Dear tourists..

Dalle strade di San Berillo, un messaggio contro la turistificazione del quartiere.

Dear tourists walking around in this neighbourhood, these little streets are beautiful, aren’t they? The street art, the house of Goliarda Sapienza, the convivial atmosphere, the smiling beauties. 

We want to tell you that your presence here puts all of this at risk, and above all the existence of those who live here. 
The municipality of Catania gave permission to demolish the whole neighborhood in the next few monthsNonetheless  big owners  have not paid a penny for years to make these houses safe, new airbnbs and new hotels can now be built. The prices will continue to rise and the inhabitants who have been here for years will no longer be able to pay their rent, neither freely engage in culture, nor share and guarantee this free social space. 
A similar disaster has befallen on many other cities in Southern Europe, which you have probably also visited. Don’t let Catania to be devastated by this occupation economy. 
Do not participate in the destruction of this place that welcomes you and in the expulsion of those of us who live in this neighbourhood!
We ask you to boycott those apparently very friendly and picturesque bars and restaurants that have privatised the area, making it a place of consumption for the few. We ask you to boycott the guided tours, which feed you with imaginery humiliating for everybody. For us, who are not a zoo attraction. And for you, who deserve better than buying  a false encounter experience. 
Our time is worth much more than their profits! Enjoy your stay!